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  • Видео опубликованно: 07.06.2015
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nathaniel moyer

He needs to be in 4 wheel drive and he could have got though that with no problem

09.05.2016 - 02:56
Tasi Fatu

Need a real truck.... man TOYOTA THUNDRA TRD PRO

10.04.2016 - 03:42
Pierce Martin

Damn that's painful to watch

05.04.2016 - 13:00
Alex Moreno

He was in 4WD, the front differential broke. This is when Rapter owners find out they are not invisible...

18.03.2016 - 13:25

Nice video

05.03.2016 - 23:58
Jesse s

He has it in 2 wheed drive. He didn't have four wheel locked in

20.02.2016 - 03:36

typical Ford, 60, 000 for such a made to be off road vehicle and it breaks haha what a joke

29.01.2016 - 11:39
Mike ts

Well at least it looks badass.

30.12.2015 - 19:58
Phillip Crisp

should've bought a Jeep and not a Mustang with a truck body on it.. lol

05.12.2015 - 14:40

I love Raptors and I know they're supposed to be built for offroad, I'd probably never go offroading in one. Lol.

28.11.2015 - 19:28
Rachan Neamprasert

Nice truck + newbie driver = ruined all the brand? What if i told you. if he keep driving this way he can ruin your toyota , jeep or any your god too.

16.11.2015 - 08:58
Скорая помощь Вашему агрегату

похоронили раздатку

03.11.2015 - 08:47
Вадим Закиров

мне кажется шрус порвался

26.10.2015 - 18:02
Ianja Rakotomalala

Damn Is that transmission?

09.10.2015 - 11:00
Sam Campbell

I have a Raptor, he is NOT in 4X4. not to mention he doesn't know how to drive. his tires looked like all terrain tires too.

18.09.2015 - 18:51

No sirvio pa nada la raptor

07.09.2015 - 18:00
Jmq Jmq

If u wanna go off road one word Toyota

16.08.2015 - 19:23
Walker Pattrrson

I think he tried to shift into 4 wheel drive while hammering it and it ate something for lunch.

07.08.2015 - 19:09
Arya Pradhana Darmaputra

He's not in 4x4 mode 

11.07.2015 - 15:18
Oli Longbottom

would help if you knew how to use your car

12.06.2015 - 04:06

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